Global Time and Attendance Market Leader in the Staffing Industry.
We strive for innovation in order to be the first in our niches. This defines our position in the market.
We serve our Customers, Employess, and Colleagues.
We create growth and freedom through our IT solution.
If we answer what is our MISSION with the questions Why, How and What, then we are convinced to reach our Where to as our VISION.

    The purpose of our business is to create, through IT solutions, growth and freedom for all who have anything to do with Infotemp. This is our WHY. The reason why we work daily on exciting developments.
    The philosophy, HOW we do our work is always imbued with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanother service. We are a strong team and help each other, we are there for each other and also have the same attitude to customers and other partners.
    The positioning, to which we are committed, clearly sets us apart from market competitors. We are different and therefore also are the first in some niches. Positioning defines WHAT we do.
    Our vision shows us WHERE we go. Through answering the questions WHY, HOW, and WHAT we are convinced that we will reach the WHERE. In addition, we are always working on our development, we are bold enough to make mistakes, and to not stop, to always give our best.