Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Sign Up now and get immediate access to the web-based software. You don't need to set up anything and can instantly capture and store hours!
The Infotemp time tracking is available from any Internet enabled device. Even on the go from your mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the Infotemp app is available in the Apple Store for download or you can download the Android app from Google Play.
The entire site and Infotemp software is accessed through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Your data is transferred only encrypted and stored only within the EU in several high-security data centers.
Infotemp is suitable especially for the Staffing Industrybut also for companies with sophisticated time documentation or project time management.
Infotemp uses the latest cloud technologies, so that the size of a company is not a criteria. With our program architecture small businesses are easily handled, as well as large corporations with several thousand employees.
Our platform provides a real-time evaluation of all data from your employees. You have an easy way to see which employees have started working, which are sick, on vacation, or have not updated their working status. You can view the real time evaluation at any time from any smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.
All recorded data can be exported and imported into other supported systems. Each user can sync their data and download data from a specific period to view it additionaly in Excel.
We have worked with renowned lawyers to provide sample privacy documents for your business. These template documents can be downloaded free of charge.
Price Questions
There isn't any minimum contractual period. You may cancel your profile at anytime.
Support requests through the contact form or e-mail are free. We make every effort to provide a high level of service and your requests are processed swiftly.
Product Questions
There aren't any limitations as to how many employees / users you may create.
A working time model can be altered individually in the settings for each user and to change all data already stored automatically, (retrospectively),it can be recalculated and reported.
Our software uses a special, patent-pending method to save site specific times with your smartphone. You have the option to allow the timesheet submission only when the user is actually at a specific location. Therefore, Infotemp's time recording can replace the conventional "terminal timestamp" devices.
Infotemp was constructed to be intuitive. For the simplest way of recording times use the iOS app and the Android app. They are available for free. You can create new users, projects, view statistics, and use more features via the web browser.
Infotemp stores the timereports law-abiding and record each alteration of a report along with a timestamp, beginning with the initial submission of the time report by the user. If a report is removed by an authorized person, the original report remains viewable by the user. Time report log files can be accessed anytime.
It is possible for a period of one day to several months to create a comprehensive report and print. The reports for each user are generated and the documentation of all recorded times, projects and identification, who approved the report time expelled. You can save a report, or multiple reports, as PDF or Excel file or print it directly.
Our IT architecture is highly available and scaleable. We secure all data several times a day in a backup. Your data is, in several independent highly available data centers in EU, secured and kept under strict privacy policies.